How to Make Rock Walls


This summer our summer day camp/vacation Bible school had a western theme. Part of the theme was creating a mine shaft. Our amazing decorating team transformed our hallways and youth room into a rock wall cave at relatively low cost.


They used large rolls of brown butcher paper and twisted the paper to make wrinkles.

The paper was then stapled to the wall.

For some depth, chicken wire was added. They stapled it so that parts of it would poof out.

The chicken wire really added some dimension to make the wall look more like rock.

Then they added brown paint in the shadows to give it even more depth.

Water fountains, lamps, or niches? No problem — just paper around them. The lighting even adds to the "cave" feel. On the bottom right you can see the little bowl with a sponge in it used to add brown paint touches to the paper.

Make sure not to wrap the paper too tight. There needs to be loose crevices to make it look more like rock. I love how they even worked around the exit sign. A cave with it's very own exit sign. How cool is that.

From the side, looking at all the lights, it changes the feel of our entire hallway.

Here's the other side of the hallway.

A closeup shot.

The paper was wrapped around the opening, giving it a feel of a cave entrance.

The sign adds a finishing touch. The sign was made of styrofoam, sprayed with acetone-based paint to eat away at the letters. The letters were then sprayed with water-based black paint.

They also converted the upstairs stage wall. In fact, they left all the instruments and items on the stage and just papered over them! Under all that paper is a drum kit, microphones, and other music equipment. But it added a pretty cool effect of really looking like a stage.

One thing to be careful of… make sure the paper is away from any lights. There was almost a fire because they accidentally covered a light. The gels on the lights added a nice color cast to the paper.

It was a very nice feel. It totally changed the ambience of the story-telling to have Professor Sasparilla telling Bible stories in a cave!

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